Traditional Media

Plan. Buy. Execute.

There are a lot of moving pieces that add up – and take away from – your mass media investment. BROSUN has over 30 years of experience in streamlining complex National mass media campaigns. 

If you have ever paid agency management fees…

If you have ever spent more in creative than your media buy…

If you have ever had to compromise on your campaign reach to satisfy a budget… 

…then Brosun is for you.

No ‘Management’ or ‘Distribution’ Fees

We operate as an open book. There are no hidden or incremental fees, just careful planning, thoughtful consultation, and extremely efficient execution.  BROSUN has 30 years of mass media relationships, buying power, and the experience to know inefficiencies that bog down, delay, and add expense to complex campaigns.  We know exactly where the common issues lie and how to fix them before they affect your campaign.  We identify, remedy (or eliminate) problems that arise, streamline your campaign to reach a wider audience and execute it all at or less than what you started with.


Long story short. We have the ability to stretch your advertising dollars and reach more people. Period.