The Brosun Difference

"We believe in holding every campaign dollar accountable for your ROI."

Where does your campaign budget go when it’s spent?

Read a little bit about us, and you may learn a little bit about your campaign spending… 

We have been a successful Canadian advertising agency for over 30 years. First came local market dominance. The original focus was the Ottawa market: our hometown. For decades we were the definitive Ottawa advertising agency. In major industry verticals, we were proud to be retained by many of the local category leaders with large scale operations. Here are a few of our anchors – the vast majority are still on our client roster – decades later.

Myers Automotive Group
Tony Graham Automotive Group
Farm Boy
Algonquin College
Ottawa Catholic School Board and St. Nicholas Adult High School
Mattress Mart
Urbandale Construction

But around 15 years ago, we witnessed the beginning of a shift in the Canadian agency landscape. To outsiders, the shift may have appeared subtle, but to us it was seismic. Big national agencies started to get bigger. Consolidation was the buzzword of the day. They became bloated in size. They started to look for efficiencies. Then they started to cut corners: downgrading the talent on their teams. All while their management fees and campaign costs to clients continue to rise. Somewhere along the way, they lost sight of their purpose. Their giant national and multinational clients are not concerned. This is progress and being part of something massive feels secure.


Recently, a new class of clients has begun to emerge. Large regional businesses and growing national businesses that are able to afford the big agency, but fed up with how they operate and their lack of accountability. These businesses need an agency that will go to war for them. Or at least answer their calls. These progressive companies have become the focus of Brosun. We see an alignment of values and a path to victory for these companies using our model for success. So our client roster has evolved over the past decade and now include operations on the rise:

Princess Auto
Cabela’s – Bass Pro Shops (Canada)
Vogue Optical
Ashley Furniture
Mitsubishi Canada
Dufresne Furniture
And Farm Boy, now expanding across Ontario.

Our success has been driven by two key elements that center around the same three words. They remain core to our business to this day.

We Buy Better!

We have been hailed as the best media buyers in Canada. We believe that to be true. We never work with national media rep houses. We exclusively buy through local media relationships. It’s how we started and how we’ve grown. We understand how media companies work. We comprehend their motivations. We are fearless negotiators. And we will walk away from any negotiation and move business elsewhere if we do not get what we need from a supplier. As a result, every client media buy is carefully curated to squeeze the maximum efficiency out of every available dollar of budget.

We Buy Better. We don’t believe in half measures. We don’t dabble. We see media platforms as blunt instruments to achieve the clear goals we have for any campaign. We buy deeply, heavily and aggressively in whatever platforms or mediums that we have selected to solve our client’s problems or seize their opportunities. We dominate or don’t go. We know what works after spending more than $100M on advertising solutions for our clients. Our campaign methodology is precise, proven and beyond reproach. Our campaign results speak for themselves, particularly when we take on a new project. We simply bring a laser focus to your marketing efforts and eliminate waste. We are pretty adamant about following our methodology. We are driven by success and simply don’t like to lose.

It sounds so simple. And it is. But while simple, our tenets are much harder to carry out. The work is more arduous. But that is where we thrive. We revel in the work. We love the grind. And it makes all the difference.

What We Do

Traditional Media

No Management or Distribution Fees

We operate as an open book. There are no hidden or incremental fees, just careful planning, thoughtful consultation, and extremely efficient execution. Just like our advertising execution, we keep our business practices succinct and efficient, too. 

Digital Media

Efficiently Target Your Customers 

From SEO, SEM, and Display, to Social and Programmatic marketing, we help facilitate precision campaign execution with today’s latest technology to give you the advantage over your competition.

Influencer Campaigns

BROSUN Influencer Difference – Talent Directory, Compensation and Marketing Metrics

One of the most powerful forms of marketing is a recommendation from a trusted source. Let BROSUN tell your story, demonstrate your products and boast your services through a full-service strategic influencer network we have manicured for many National clients.



We have been working with Brosun Media for over 12 years. They are result oriented and committed to our success. Their professionalism and attention to detail makes doing business with Brosun a pleasure.

J. Leary

Vogue Optical

If you are looking for a media partner that is very experienced with mass media buying, placement and management services then I highly recommend the team at BroSun.  They have made a huge difference on the effectiveness and efficiency of our marketing dollars.

F. Ozirney

Bass Pro Shops / Cabela's Canada

Brosun Media is a valued and trusted partner who has helped shape how we interact with our customers. Having myself worked in the media for several years, their understanding of the marketplace is unparalleled. The Brosun team is forward thinking, fearless and always looking for or creating new opportunities and have our best interest in the forefront of everything they do. Their vision for Princess Auto and the Canadian media marketplace is unmatched and exciting to be a part of. They are truly my favorite vendor; personable, fun, engaging, easy to talk to, and above all else, straight shooters. I am a HUGE fan.

C. Braid

Princess Auto