Digital Media

Your customers use the internet when they are looking for what you offer. We all do. Businesses have all been forced to adapt to an environment that changes quickly, because the consumer journey has been changing just as quickly. 

There are many digital marketing companies offering a variety of approaches online. Brosun has researched all of them so you don’t have to. Just like our approach to traditional media, Brosun’s grind has found the best partnerships with World leading digital companies to make sure you have industry leading technology, best in class service and transparent reporting of results for all of your digital advertising campaigns. 

The list of digital advertising is extensive, but we cover the gambit which includes, and certainty not limited to:  SEM, SEO, Display advertising, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Connected TV, Spotify, Snapchat, LinkedIn, various business listings… and the list goes on. We know these approaches well and we know which ones to include and more importantly, which ones to exclude from your marketing mix. 

We can take the complexity of online advertising and make it simple for you. Have a chat with us and see. 


Search Engine Advertising

Have you ever clicked on an ad in a Google search?  When people click on Search Engine ads, it means a few things:  It means that person is interested in your message, and they’re likely in the buying cycle for your product (further into your sales funnel). 

At Brosun, we know that generating clicks is not the same as generating leads and sales.  We approach SEM by providing a highly relevant message to the right audience which helps our AI to efficiently hone in the lowest cost per action without sacrificing reach!  With the help of a constantly monitored key-word list, our AI will continuously optimize your ad for the key-words that are the most profitable to your brand.

Display Advertising

Banner ads are the digital equivalent of the out-of-home billboard.  A good display advertising strategy means you’re displaying meaningful banner ads to a target audience on a variety of websites.  That means having access to massive ad networks who can display your ads across hundreds, or thousands of websites that your target audience frequents.  Likewise, having the wherewithal to know what sites to exclude and properly managing your ad budget across the campaign to achieve the best possible results.

Tactics include: Site remarketing, search remarketing, geo fencing, behavioral targeting, and brand awareness.  Not to mention which tactics to include and exclude and how much budget to allocate is our specialty.  We have partnered with industry leading providers who can incorporate any and all of these tactics into one budget and campaign and optimize around what is working best.

Let Brosun build and manage your display advertising strategy so that the customers you want to reach are the ones who are seeing your digital billboards. 

Social Media Advertising

It’s not just Facebook ads! While Facebook continues to be an amazing platform to market your business it may not be the right one for you. Depending on who you want to reach and what you want them to do, you could use any of several platforms and Brosun can help. 

We have partnerships with industry leaders for advertising on any of the major social media platforms. These include:  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, SnapChat, Tiktok and more! 

Details matter!  Every social platform offers unique advertising delivery methods, and we love getting creative!  From standard carousel and video ads to full-blown canvas ads and custom stories… your story is told beautifully. Chat with us to see what social opportunities you have.

Search Engine Optimization

Content is still king!  Keywords are the words and phrases your target audience inputs into search engines to find what they’re looking for.  With careful keyword analysis of your business, industry and target audience, we can create customized content for your website’s static pages, meta-data on your website backend (that gets crawled by search engines for relevancy) and as an ongoing blog campaign to reel in more traffic who are looking for your business online!  

Beyond pulling in more highly relevant traffic, properly executed SEO strategies will help your website rank higher in organic search results over a broader range of subject matter.  As with everything digital, we are able to show you accurate SEO performance metrics that will help us in constantly improving your content and data to continuously drive more and more traffic to your website.