Influencer Campaigns

One of the most powerful forms of marketing is a recommendation from a trusted source. Let BROSUN tell your story, demonstrate your products and boast your services through a full-service strategic influencer network we have manicured for many National clients.  

This is 3rd party advocacy at its very best and we are proud to be a front-runner in providing our clients with one of the most powerful sales drivers in marketing today. 

With your business goals laid out, we will identify influencers who fit your brand and attract an audience that you need to be in front of!  While celebrity endorsement may be out of reach for most businesses, influencers fill that void with massive followings in consumer segments that are highly rifled. 

From sponsored content, reviews and collaborations, to contests and product ambassadors… we can find you the right influencer fit that will resonate with a perfectly matched audience. 

Brosun Influencer Difference - Talent Directory, Compensation and Marketing Metrics

We have identified pain points in the influencer marketing industry that we have filled to offer our clients a truly pain free and comprehensive influencer marketing campaign. These pain points included finding the right talent, negotiating their compensation, and relying on weak (or sometimes non-existent) metrics to establish your ROI.

Brosun’s massive directory of influencers extends over a large breadth of product and service categories that reach tens-of-millions of Canadian consumers who eagerly await content from their trusted source. We ensure that our influencers organically integrate your product or service seamlessly in their successful style. We don’t make them tell your story, they love to tell stories! We find the right influencers who are excited to work with your brand and provide fluid integration for that perfect ‘not forced’ promotion that resonates with viewers.

Likewise, we have developed proprietary and easy to use, real-time reporting tools that will allow you to gauge the pulse of your influencer campaign success at any moment. This is an industry first in influencer reporting and advertising accountability that we’re proud to offer to our clients who demand results! Comprehensive and thoughtful reporting metrics is just one of the ways we’re evolving influencer marketing, we’re proud to offer these exclusive tools to our clients.

Compensation deals are already in place! Signed, sealed, and ready to produce your business’ content. Simply plan and deploy, and your selected influencers get to work right away creating original content to a massive and captive audience!

When paired with your traditional and digital advertising campaigns, your influencers gain credibility that allows them to keep a more captive audience around your message. The traditional/digital advertising component helps to create an ironclad sense of brand authority and trustworthiness while your influencer campaign flourishes to the masses.