About us

We are brutally honest; so follow us when we say that you’re here because of MONEY. Yes, we’re all thriving businesses, and we all need to make money… but that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the money that trades hands every day to facilitate your business’ goals. Is that MONEY important to you and your shareholders? Have you ever audited where your MONEY is going when you book a National campaign? Do you think the creative cost too much? Do you wonder how much you’re spending on actual ads compared to MONEY spent on administration and other costs? Where did your MONEY go? Does anyone help you be confident in knowing definitively where your campaign dollars are spent? …what you want is simply knowing that your money is safe, and that it’s been spent as efficiently as it could have been to give you the best return on your investment.

…this is what we do. We wake up and think about MONEY. Not our money, your money. We know what your creative should cost, and we have the people who can put it all together. We know what a large National media buying agency should be charging in fees, and we’re hard to beat… because we don’t have any. Whether you’re reporting to a board of directors or just want to ensure that your campaign money is safe, Brosun will provide a professionally executed National campaign that costs less to create, while being delivered to a larger audience for a longer period of time (or at a savings compared to your previous campaigns).

MONEY. Do you know how yours is being spent?

Built Locally, Leveraged Nationally

We spend our time – not your money – negotiating deals across Canada. What makes BROSUN different from every other cookie-cutter National media buying agency is our grind. Most National media buyers have a database of Canadian media outlets, and you can book your ads across Canada in one quick phone call. It’s easy. Every media outlet offers these big buyers “National pricing” for their campaigns, it’s all highly regimented and the way most corporations book their National campaigns.

…but what if a National media buyer wanted to take their offerings to the next level? How would they do that? Surely there are no better media buying rates out there?! …and if there were better rates to be had, you’d pretty much have to book in-person meetings with just about every media outlet in Canada and negotiate a rate a la carte! That would be an almost impossible grind… So 30 years ago, we set out on a journey across Canada, city to city, province to province. We held in-person meetings with every media outlet. From small town Saskatchewan radio, to big city media players; we locked in rates that National media buying agencies would salivate at and to this day – 30 years later – we still maintain and re-negotiate these rates a la carte!

That kind of grind was unheard of then, and to this day, it’s still unprecedented. Not one National media buyer has attempt this grind, and we’ve heard some believe it’s not possible. Like we said, it’s your MONEY and it’s all we think about. At BROSUN we make it easy because we’ve already done all of the hard work that no one else was willing to do. All of a sudden that Board of Directors meeting is looking more like a pitch for your promotion.